Lumbar Facet FiXation


Degenerative lumbar spinal stenosis

  • Complementary fixation to decompression
  • Spondylolisthesis ≤ Grade I, Scoliosis < 25°
FFX scan Canal lombaire


  • Post thermocoagulation failure
  • Mini-open approach

Complementary graft

  • Supplement to a pedicle fixation
  • Additional bony fusion of facet joints
FFX: presentation

A Less decaying fixation 1

FFX: does not prevent a subsequent pedicle osteosynthesis if necessary

Average satisfaction rate of patients after surgery 2


Average satisfaction rate amongst surgeons 2

Clinical data 3,4


of patients improved
after 12 months

Significant reductions
in pain and disability:

FFX: clinical data stats
FFX : données cliniques


bony fusion at 24 months

Favorable Data

compared to Pedicle Screws, for lumbar spinal stenosis

Pedicle screws


FFX: favourable data 1

Reduction of operating time 5

FFX: favourable data 2

Reduction of bleeding 5

FFX: favourable data 3

Low misplacement rate 3,6

FFX: Less reoperations at 2 years postop

Less reoperations at 2 years postop 4

Foraminal height increase

Average +3.7mm

At 2 Year Postop - Preop

Moyenne de +3,7mm

How it works


Mini Open


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