Device for Inter Vertebral

Prevention of lumbar
disc reherniation

A common pathology


surgeries worldwide1

Lumbar disc herniation discectomy is the most performed spinal surgery

Disc herniation is an annulus fibrosus tear and nucleus extrusion. It can result in nerve compression causing back and leg pain

DIVA: Disc herniation

A high complication rate

Disc herniation surgeries lead to high reoperation rates, in particular for reherniation at the operated level
Up to 23%

reoperation rate for lumbar herniations



The implant preventing lumbar reherniation




Lumbar herniation alone


Monosegmental herniation


Disc height
≥ 8 mm

Clinical data 3


reoperation risk at 2 years postop

DIVA: Clinical Data 1

All-cause reoperation rate
at 2 years postop

DIVA: Clinical Data 2

Reoperation rate for reherniation at 2 years postop


Average satisfaction rate of patients after surgery 4


Average satisfaction rate amongst surgeons 4

How it works


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